Here is some information on my little side projects…

IMS is a php based Infrastructure Management System that currently features a Hardware Inventory for tracking equipment, but will soon allow you to do more.

Network Changer
Network Changer is a program, well a batch script, for Windows that allows you to switch your network connection settings easily and quickly.

R-Wishlist is a basic PHP wishlist system, ideal for Wedding and Birthday wishlists. Or even as a donation wishlist for clubs or projects.

And a few more…

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  1. Hello
    Tried to contact you via About Me no information.
    I came across your zones diagram red yellow green…. and I think it would be ideal for an IoT security Framework we are developing under a creative commons licence. I am contacting you for permission to use this item and to obtain credit information that can be included in our framework’s acknowledgement page. Could you please confirm my request at your convenience.
    Happy to provide more information.


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