RJ-TimeLogger.bat – batch file time recording

RJ-TimeLogger is a basic batch file time recording application / script. I wrote it for a specific task, and thought I would share it.

With no prerequisites RJ-TimeLogger can run on any Windows system, eg: it can be stored on a shared network drive and then run from any PC / server your logged into. Creates a simple ‘audit’ or ‘Time Log’ CSV with a choice of 2 date formats out of the box. Optionally runs in a loop for task recording.

Date formats, CSV format etc can all be easily modified to suit your requirements. This script can be used as is, or as snippet for a script your building.

Simply create the files, and copy the code.


@echo off
REM RJ-TimeLogger - Rob Jervis 09/02/2014 - http://jervis.ws/rj-timelogger

set /P details=Enter Details: %=%
set rjdate=%date:~-4,4%-%date:~-7,2%-%date:~-10,2%
set rjtime=%time:~-11,2%-%time:~-8,2%-%time:~-5,2%
echo %rjdate%,%rjtime%,%date%,%time%,%details% >> RJ-TimeLogger.csv
goto start


2014-02-09,20-02-06,09/02/2014,20:02:06.57,Start of Project 36 
2014-02-09,20-24-12,09/02/2014,20:24:12.92,End of Project 36 
2014-02-09,20-24-31,09/02/2014,20:24:31.27,Start work on emails 
2014-02-09,20-25-41,09/02/2014,20:25:41.85,emails done! Yay. 
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