I have finally got around to doing some upgrades yesterday.

First off at work I upgraded my system from Kubuntu Fistey Fawn 7.04 to Gutsy Gibbon 7.10

I found the following command useful to check the version of my system “lsb_release -a”, both before and after the upgrade.

user@desktop:~$ lsb_release -a
 No LSB modules are available.
 Distributor ID: Ubuntu
 Description:    Ubuntu 7.10
 Release:        7.10
 Codename:       gutsy

I followed the instructions to upgrade on the release page, and on the whole these worked. Although after the full upgrade, I did have to turn off “Recommended Updates” and “Proposed Updates”. Then I had to reboot, turn them back on and reload the update list to get the “Version Upgrade” option.

Other than that, the upgrade ran through with no problems at all!

I also did the same upgrade on the Ubuntu Fistey Install, on the laptop. That went through a dream, it installed a few updates, said it needed to reboot, then it said “Distribution Upgrade Available”, I clicked install, job done.

Next on the cards was WordPress

I upgraded from WordPress 2.2.2 to WordPress 2.3 with no problems, and in double quick time! WordPress upgrades are so straight forward. I have just seen the announcement for WordPress 2.3.1, so I also just downloaded and installed that. Great, No Problems! So I am on the latest 2.3.1.

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