We are the Web

We have moved from a time when the web was written for us, a source for information, published by big companies and geeks. Now we are all the web, whether we are geeks or not. With the latest changes to the way people interact online being a good example. “I will put the pictures on my profile” you can here one person saying to another in the pub. Many people live an online life, and don’t even realise it.

Web services will become easier and easier to interact with, we will see the lines between off line and online merge even further, as do desktop and laptop. Devices will be even more internet friendly, and still remain small enough to carry with you. An ever increasing number of applications will work through your browser, not be installed on your PC. Technologies like Ultra-wideband and WiMAX will help expand our ever connected world, locally & globally.

The web is alive, we are powering it.

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